White Certificates Scheme

Italtekno s.r.l. as certified under UNI CEI 11352: 2014 is registered with the GSE for the negotiation of white certificates (T.E.E.).

Have you done an energy efficiency intervention and no one talked to you that you could probably receive incentives in the form of energy titles ???

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The white certificates scheme
White certificates, also known as “Energy Efficiency Certificates” (EEC), are tradable instruments giving proof of the achievement of end-use energy savings through energy efficiency improvement initiatives and projects.
The white certificates scheme was introduced into the Italian legislation by the Ministerial Decrees of 20 July 2004, as subsequently amended and supplemented. Under the scheme, electricity and natural-gas distributors are required to achieve yearly quantitative primary-energy saving targets, expressed in Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (TOE) saved.
Each certificate is worth one tonne of oil equivalent (toe) saved.
Electricity and gas distributors may fulfil their obligation by implementing energy efficiency projects entitling to white certificates or by buying white certificates from other parties in the Energy Efficiency Certificates Market that is organised by GM