LED Relamping

With the term “Relamping LED” it means replacing those lamps that have become inefficient, such as incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lamps, with modern LED bulbs.

Such replacement does not involve any kind of intervention on existing systems: it is simply replacing the old bulbs with their LEDs matching the same size and type of attack.

So you can easily estimate the potential for energy savings for your business: just think of all the lights that remain uninterrupted for long periods in companies, factories, offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, and nightlife.

In this case relamping results in a twofold advantage: energy savings, thanks to reduced fuel consumption up to 85%, and very low maintenance costs thanks to the longer life of the LED bulbs, which therefore need to be replaced more often. In fact, we speak of 50,000h of average life of a light bulb, compared to the 1000h of a glow bulb.

As for private homes, the gradual replacement of old bulbs with modern LED bulbs has equally no advantage: the initial investment will be repaid in a short time, and will result in a lasting saving thanks to the longevity of the LED bulbs.