Heating and Cooling (Conto Termico 2.0) 2018

The Ministerial Decree of 28 Dec.2012 (the so-called “Renewable Energy for Heating & Cooling Support Scheme”) implemented Legislative Decree no. 28 of 3 Mar. 2011 on a scheme of support for small-scale projects of energy efficiency improvement and production of thermal energy from renewables.

Gestore dei Servizi Energetici-GSE S.p.A. is the body in charge of implementing and managing the scheme, as well as of awarding financial incentives.

Eligible projects concern: energy efficiency improvements in existing building envelopes (thermal insulation of walls, roofs and floors, replacement of doors, windows and shutters, installation of solar screens); replacement of existing systems for winter heating with more efficient ones (condensing boilers); replacement and, in some cases, construction of new renewable-energy systems (heat pumps, biomass boilers, heaters and fireplaces, solar thermal systems, including those based on the solar cooling technology).

 The new decree also introduces – subject to specific requirements – incentives for energy auditing and energy certification associated with the above projects.

The support is granted on the basis of the type of project and on the improvement of the energy performance of the building which may be achieved and/or on the energy which may be produced by renewable-energy systems. The incentive (contribution to the costs incurred for the project) will be paid in yearly instalments over a variable support period (2 to 5 years), depending on the projects.