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   7 February 2020


Following the interview of our administrator Ing. Guglielmo Speciale invited, as guest of Alessia Anselmo and Giuliano Merlo, within the third episode of Palermo Casa Nostra on the web channel Feel Rouge Tv, together with the Councilor for the Budget of the Municipality of Palermo, Roberto D’Agostino, and Andrea D’Amore, President of the Tu Sei La Città Association.

Topic of the day: public lighting.
Case History: the redevelopment of the public lighting system of the Municipality of Carlentini.
A Palermitan excellence, Italtekno srl, carried out an energy efficiency intervention with entirely private capital through the Institute of Project Financjng.

The complete interventions from minute 11 to minute 20 and from minute 39 onwards

3ª puntata Palermo Casa Nostra

3ª puntata Palermo Casa Nostra

Pubblicato da Feel Rouge TV su Venerdì 7 febbraio 2020